Faculty Involved:   John Sheppard

The Numerical Intelligent Systems Laboratory is currently working with Impact Technologies on a Small business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) project for the US Navy. This project involves developing data driven approaches to fault prognosis and interfacing these approaches with physics-based models. The project also involves identifying opportunities for enhancing the recently published IEEE Std 1232 Artificial Intelligence Exchange and Service Tie to All Test Environments (AI-ESTATE) standard.


This project is being supported by NAVAIR Lakehurst, New Jersey under a Phase II STTR.


The work being performed under this effort is receiving considerable interest and visibility from all branches of the military and has the potential to influence future deployed prognostic technology as well as standards used in system acquisition. Currently, the project supports three graduate students; however, based on possible realignment of personnel, another graduate student (MS or PhD) may be needed in the near future. Note that only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to work on this project.