John W. Sheppard's Courses


In addition two versions of the course, Foundations of Algorithms, have been taught through the Johns Hopkins part time graduate programs:

  • 605.421.31: Foundations of Algorithms (face-to-face)
  • 605.421.81: Foundations of Algorithms (online)

Fundamentally, both courses are identical. The difference is in the mode of delivery. Creation of the online course enabled Hopkins to offer its first fully online engineering graduate degree--the Master of Science in Bioinformatics. Now it is possible to complete an MS in Computer Science entirely online.

Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence and machine learning are areas of research for me, I teach a number of courses that fall under these topics. The three courses of particular interest are as follows:

  • CSCI 446: Artificial Intelligence
  • CSCI 548: Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Machine Learning

The field of machine learning is explore through three different courses. Two are offered through the part time graduate program at Johns Hopkins in an online setting. I also teach a face-to-face version of the Machine Learning course at MSU, in addition to an undergraduate soft computing course. Finally, I lead a graduate seminar, jointly between Montana State and Johns Hopkins. The seminar is a “readings” course where those interested in machine learning gather once per week to discuss current papers in machine learning of interest to the group.

  • CSCI 447: Machine Learning (Soft Computing)
  • CSCI 547: Machine Learning
  • CSCI 594: Research Seminar
  • 605.746.81: Machine Learning (online)

Evolutionary Computation

Currently, this course is only offered through the part time graduate program at Johns Hopkins. The course is taught as an advanced seminar/research projects course where students get first-hand experience exploring and performing research in evolutionary computation.

  • 605.747.81: Evolutionary Computation (online)