The tutors in our Student Success Center, Barnard Hall 259, are generally available to assist students in lower division computer science courses.

Important Change

Tutoring Schedule
Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 a.m.       Jeremiah Oard (IP, V)  
9:00 a.m.   Joshua Anderson (IP) Matteo Bjornsson (V) Jeremiah Oard (IP, V)  
10:00 a.m.  Connie Bernard (IP) Joshua Anderson (IP)
Anthony Nardiello (IP)
Matteo Bjornsson (V)
Karishma Rahman (V)

Anthony Nardiello (IP)
Na'Shea Wiesner (V)

11:00 a.m.   Anthony Nardiello (IP)

Karishma Rahman (V) Anthony Nardiello (IP)
Na'Shea Wiesner (V)
Noon Chase Boyd (IP) Nic Dzomba (IP)   Nic Dzomba (IP)  
1:10 p.m. Buwani Manuweera (V) Mark Mousel (V) Arnold Smithson (IP, V)
Mark Mousel (V)
Buwani Manuweera (V)

Faith Nelson (IP)

2:10 p.m. David Hamlin (IP)
Faqeer ur Rehman (V, IP)
Kyle Webster (IP)

Arnold Smithson (IP, V)
Seraj Mostafa (V)

Kyle Webster (IP)
Edmund Tetteh
Zoe Norden (IP)
Faith Nelson (IP)
Gerard Shu Fuhnwi (V)
3:10 p.m. David Hamlin (IP)
  Seraj Mostafa (V)

Nate Lane (V) Zoe Norden (IP)
Edmund Tetteh
4:10 p.m.     Matthew Wintersteen (IP, V) Nate Lane (V)  
5:10 p.m.          
6:00 p.m.  


7:00 p.m.  

8:00 p.m.  

9:00 p.m.          

IP denotes In-Person, Barnard Hall 259
V denotes Virtual meetings via WebEx, please click on the Tutor/TAs WebEx link during their office hour(s)

General Information

  • Where is the tutoring center located? Barnard Hall 259.
  • What general tips do you have for learning computer science?  Read these tips.
  • Who can seek help? Students taking lower division computer science courses.
  • Who are the tutors? Graduate Teaching Assistants, Computer Science majors, and members of AWC and ACM.
  • When is the first day of tutoring? Monday, January 18th, 2021.
  • When is the last day of tutoring? Friday, April 23rd, 2021.
  • Is the tutoring center open on MSU holidays? No.
  • Can I volunteer to tutor? Yes! It requires a minimum commitment of 2 hours per week. Please e-mail
  • Kudos, complaints or suggestions?  E-mail


  • A tutor should be able to assist with the following first year courses: CSCI 107 (The Joy and Beauty of Computing), CSCI 127 (The Joy and Beauty of Data), CSCI 132 (Basic Data Structures and Algorithms) and CS 145 (Web Design).
  • Some tutors will be able to assist with the following second year courses: CSCI 112 (C), CSCI 215 (Social & Ethical Issues), CSCI 232 (Data Structures and Algorithms) and CSCI 246 (Discrete Structures).
  • Tutors are not experts and are not necessarily familiar with your assignment. Students seeking help on assignments should understand the assignment well enough to explain it.
  • Tutors are available to answer targeted questions and to explain general concepts. Tutors are not there to do your work for you.
  • If the tutor is a teaching assistant (see names below), that person has been hired to help with a specific course. The teaching assistant will prioritize his or her time so that students in that specific course have top priority.
  • Both tutors and tutees should be polite and professional.
  • Send suggestions for improvement and feedback to John Paxton.


  • Teaching Assistants:  Matteo Bjornsson (ESOF 322- Virtual); Dalton Gomez; Nathaniel Lane (CSCI 232) - Virtual; Buwani Manuweera; Giorgio Luna Morales; Seraj Mostafa; Karishma Rahman; Adiesha Ralalage; Faqeer Rehmen; Prashanta Saha; Gerard Fungwhi Shu; Madhu Srinivasan; Edmund Tetteh, Kyle Webster (CSCI 305 - In Person); Na'Shea Wiesner (CSCI 215 - Virtual); Peng Zou
  • Undergraduate Course Assistants: Lealem Amedie; Seth Bassetti; Connie Bernard; Chase Boyd (CS 145); Kevin Browder; Nic Dzomba (CSCI 107 - Virtual & In Person); David Hamlin; Greg Martin; Mason Medina; Faith Nelson; Zoe Norden; Kieran Ringel; Lin Shi; Riley Slater; Alan Tong; Zach Wadhams; Matt Wintersteen (CSCI 112); Nick Zetterberg
  • Sonderegger Tutors: Joshua Anderson (IP and V - CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232 & 246); Nic Dzomba (CSCI 107, 127, 132 & 246); Benjamin Haedt (CSCI 107, 127 & 132 - video chat only); Janet Madrid (CSCI 112 & 132 - video or chat only); Mark Mousel (CSCI 107, 127 & 132 - Video Chat only); Anthony Nardiello (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 232, 215, CS 145 & ESOF 322); Jeremiah Oard (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232 & 338); Arnold Smithson (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232, 246, 291, & ESOF 322 - in-person and video chat).
  • CSCI 495 Students: TBA
  • Volunteers: TBA