The tutors in our Student Success Center, Barnard Hall 259, are generally available to assist students in lower division computer science courses.

Important Change: Monday, March 23rd - Friday, May 1st.

  • Due to COVID-19, in-person tutoring will no longer take place in Barnard 259.
  • Instead, tutors will be available remotely.  If you would like to meet with a tutor during a listed time below, please e-mail that person before their tutoring time begins.  The tutor's e-mail address appears on the link on their name.  The two of you can then arrange how to proceed.  Possibilities include e-mail, text, phone, WebEx, Skype, etc.
Tutoring Schedule
Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 a.m.    Marnie Manning      
9:00 a.m.  Logan Gilder  Justin Tyner
 Prashanta Saha
   Justin Tyner
 Prashanta Saha
10:00 a.m.

 Lin Shi
 Karl Molina
 Faqeer Rehman
 Samuel Behrens

 Aurora Kehoe
 Maria Gallivan
 Cooper Strahan
Alexis Tingey
Christian Marquardt
 Conner Whitfield
 Cooper Strahan
 Aurora Kehoe
 Seraj Mostafa
11:00 a.m.  Gerard Shu Fuhnwi Rusty Clayton

Rusty Clayton  Conner Whitfield
 Greg Martin
 Seraj Mostafa
Noon  Lin Shi Kyle Webster

Lin Shi
 Yin YaLan
 Reese Peasall
   Hongchuan (Rocky) Wang
1:10 p.m.  Giorgio Morales  Anthony Nardiello
 Chris Erickson
 Yin YaLan
 Eric Kempf
 Anthony Nardiello  Hongchuan (Rocky) Wang
 Alan Tong
2:10 p.m.  Giorgio Morales
 Faqeer Rehman
 Gerard Shu Fuhnwi
 Jada Bryant
 Chris Erickson
 Ethan Fison

 Buwani Manuweera
 Asad Noor
 Reese Pearsall

3:10 p.m.  Samuel Forbes
 Matteo Bjornsson
 Asad Noor
 Chris Erickson Matteo Bjornsson
Peng Zou
Julian Rechsteiner
 Karishma Rahman  
4:10 p.m.  Samuel Forbes
 William Kingsley
 David Hamlin
 Jared Thompson
 Peng Zou
 Buwani Manuweera

 Riley Slater
 Karishma Rahman

5:10 p.m.  Payton Harrison
 Hunter Line
 Jared Thompson  Chris Cooper  Ahmed Naji
 Tyler Fleetwood
6:00 p.m.  Payton Harrison

 Axel Ward
 Jared Thompson

 Chris Cooper  Chris Miller
 Ahmed Naji
 Tyler Fleetwood
7:00 p.m.  Payton Harrison  Axel Ward

 Chris Cooper  Ahmed Naji
 Tyler Fleetwood
8:00 p.m.    Axel Ward

9:00 p.m.          

General Information

  • Where is the tutoring center located? Barnard Hall 259.
  • What general tips do you have for learning computer science?  Read these tips.
  • Who can seek help? Students taking lower division computer science courses.
  • Who are the tutors? Graduate Teaching Assistants, Computer Science majors, and members of AWC and ACM.
  • When is the first day of tutoring? Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.
  • When is the last day of tutoring? Friday, May 1st, 2020.
  • Is the tutoring center open on MSU holidays? No.
  • Can I volunteer to tutor? Yes! It requires a minimum commitment of 2 hours per week. Please e-mail
  • Kudos, complaints or suggestions?  E-mail


  • A tutor should be able to assist with the following first year courses: CSCI 107 (The Joy and Beauty of Computing), CSCI 127 (The Joy and Beauty of Data), CSCI 132 (Basic Data Structures and Algorithms) and CS 145 (Web Design).
  • Some tutors will be able to assist with the following second year courses: CSCI 112 (C), CSCI 215 (Social & Ethical Issues), CSCI 232 (Data Structures and Algorithms) and CSCI 246 (Discrete Structures).
  • Tutors are not experts and are not necessarily familiar with your assignment. Students seeking help on assignments should understand the assignment well enough to explain it.
  • Tutors are available to answer targeted questions and to explain general concepts. Tutors are not there to do your work for you.
  • If the tutor is a teaching assistant (see names below), that person has been hired to help with a specific course. The teaching assistant will prioritize his or her time so that students in that specific course have top priority.
  • Both tutors and tutees should be polite and professional.
  • Send suggestions for improvement and feedback to John Paxton.


  • Teaching Assistants:  Matteo Bjornsson (ESOF 322); Gerard Shu Fuhnwi (CSCI 347 & 215); Buwani Manuweera (CSCI 468); Giorgio Morales Luna (CSCI 232); Seraj-Al-Mahmud Mostafa (CSCI 476); Asad Noor (CSCI 446); Karishma Rahman (CSCI 232 & ESOF 422); Faqeer Rehman (CSCI 494-005 & 455); Prahanta Saha (CSCI 132); Cooper Strahan (CSCI 366); Hongchuan (Rocky) Wang (CSCI 305);  (CSCIYaLan Yin (CSCI 246); Peng Zou (CSCI 338)
  • Undergraduate Course Assistants: Samuel Behrens (CSCI 127); Kevin Browder (CS 145);  Jada Bryant (CSCI 127); Ethan Fison (CSCI 132); Maria Gallivan (CSCI 132); Logan Gilder (CS 145); David Hamlin (CSCI 127); Eric Kempf (CS 145); William Kingsley (CS 145); Hunter Line (CSCI 127); Marnie Manning; Christian Marquardt (CS 145); Chris Miller (CSCI 112); Greg Miller (CSCI 112); Karl Molina (CSCI 127); Reese Pearsall (CSCI 107); Julian Rechsteiner (CSCI 112); Lin Shi (CSCI 112); Riley Slater (CSCI 107); Alexis Tingey (CSCI 132); Alan Tong (CS 145); Kyle Webster (CSCI 215)
  • Sonderegger Tutors: Rusty Clayton (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232 & CS 145); Samuel Forbes (CSCI 112); Aurora Kehoe (CSCI 107, 112, 127 & CS 145); Lin Shi (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132 & CS 145); Justin Tyner (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 215 & 232); Conner Whitfield (CSCI 132, 232, 215 & CS 145)
  • CSCI 495 Students: Chris Cooper (CSCI 112 & 132); Chris Erickson (CSCI 107, 127); Tyler Fleetwood (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232 & CS 145); Payton Harrison (CSCI 112, 127, 132 & CS 145); Ahmed Naji (CSCI 132); Jared Thompson (CSCI 127, 132, 232, 305, 338 and EGEN 310) ; Axel Ward
  • Volunteers: Anthony Nardiello (CSCI 107, 112, 127, 132, 232, 215 & CS 145)