Tutoring Schedule - Barnard Hall 259
Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 a.m.  



9:00 a.m. Emmett Osborne, Jasmine Vang   Angelo Porcella, Charis Liddle Justin Kerr Adiesha Liyana, Muzhou Chen
10:00 a.m.

Karl Molina, Nitasha Fazal, Jasmine Vang

Karthik Kumar Asibul Islam, Shahnaj Mou Justin Mau, Karthik Kumar Adiesha Liyana, Muzhou Chen
11:00 a.m. Nitasha Fazal, Justin Smith Ben Heinze Asibul Islam, Shahnaj Mou Justin Mau Nick Harrington
Noon   Gideon Popoola Henry Jacobson Connor Meyn  
1:10 p.m.

Na’Shea Wiesner, Chris Corona

Gideon Popoola, Britney Gibbs Shama Maganur, Chris Corona  

Peyton Dorsh,
Justin Smith

2:10 p.m. Na’Shea Wiesner, Britney Gibbs Prashanta Saha, Gerard Shu Fuhnwi Shama Maganur, Angelo Porcella Kaden Morris  
3:10 p.m.

Nathan Patera, Boone Smail

Prashanta Saha, Gerard Shu Fuhnwi Karishma Rahman, Nathan Patera    
4:10 p.m. Boone Smail, Billy Wood Asad Noor Karishma Rahman    
5:10 p.m.   Asad Noor      
6:00 p.m.        Jack Hayward   
7:00 p.m.          
8:00 p.m.          
9:00 p.m.          


The tutors in our Student Success Center, Barnard Hall 259, are generally available to assist students in lower division computer science courses.

Important Information

  • Tutors will be available in-person from Monday, January 21st - Friday, May 5th according to the schedule below with the exception of holidays.
  • For remote consultation, you can arrange with the tutor how best to proceed (e.g. e-mail, text, phone, WebEx, Skype) during the tutor's office hour.

General Information

  • Where is the tutoring center located? Barnard Hall 259.
  • What general tips do you have for learning computer science?  Read these tips.
  • Who can seek help? Students taking lower division computer science courses.
  • Who are the tutors? Graduate Teaching Assistants, Computer Science majors, and members of AWC and ACM.
  • Is the tutoring center open on MSU holidays? No.
  • Can I volunteer to tutor? Yes! Please e-mail amanda.guilland@montana.edu
  • Kudos, complaints or suggestions?  E-mail shaniah.blanchard@montana.edu


  • A tutor should be able to assist with the following first year courses: CSCI 107 (The Joy and Beauty of Computing), CSCI 127 (The Joy and Beauty of Data), CSCI 132 (Basic Data Structures and Algorithms) and CS 145 (Web Design).
  • Some tutors will be able to assist with the following second year courses: CSCI 112 (C), CSCI 215 (Social & Ethical Issues), CSCI 232 (Data Structures and Algorithms) and CSCI 246 (Discrete Structures).
  • Tutors are not experts and are not necessarily familiar with your assignment. Students seeking help on assignments should understand the assignment well enough to explain it.
  • Tutors are available to answer targeted questions and to explain general concepts. Tutors are not there to do your work for you.
  • If the tutor is a teaching assistant (see names below), that person has been hired to help with a specific course. The teaching assistant will prioritize his or her time so that students in that specific course have top priority.
  • Both tutors and tutees should be polite and professional.
  • Send suggestions for improvement and feedback to John Paxton.

Spring 2023 Tutors

  • Teaching Assistants: Muzhou Chen (CSCI 442), Chris Corona (CSCI 347, CSCI 491: Data Visualization), Nitasha Fasal (CSCI 305), Gerard Fuhnwi (CSCI 476), Britney Gibbs (CSCI 112), Asibul Islam (CSCI 468), Karthik Kumar (CSCI 215), Shama Maganur (CSCI 127), Justin Mau (CSCI 132, CSCI 232), Karl Molina (CSCI 445), Shahnaj Mou (CSCI 112), Asad Noor (CSCI 127), Nathan Patera (CSCI 232), Gideon Popoola (CSCI 132), Angelo Porcello (CSCI 132), Karishma Rahman (ESOF 322, ESOF 422), Adiesha Ralalage (CSCI 246, CSCI 338), Prashanta Saha (CSCI 366), Jasmine Vang (CSCI 246), Na’Shea Wiesner (ESOF 322)
  • Undergraduate Course Assistants: Peyton Dorsh (CS 145), Nick Harrington (CSCI 107), Jack Hayward (CSCI 107), Ben Heinze (CSCI 127), Henry Jacobson (CS 145), Justin Kerr (CSCI 109), Charis Liddle (CS 145), Connor Meyn (CSCI 109), Kaden Morris (CS 145), Emmett Osborne (CS 145), Boone Smail (CS 145), Justin Smith (CSCI 107), Billy Wood (CSCI 107)
  • CSCI 495 Students: TBA
  • Volunteers: TBA