Help section for the Gianforte School of Computing Online Survey System
Logging In and Out:
· When logging in remember to use your last name and your Banner id with out the leading dash: -
· Remember to log out when your done with your surveys using the LOG OUT link at the top of the page
· If your survey session remains idle for 30 minutes you will be logged out of the system and you'll be forced to log back in to complete your surveys
· You are only able to have one survey session at a time with your login account. Logging into the Survey System with a survey session already open will close your previous session
Completing Surveys:
· Student data is kept anonymous so be honest
· Please complete all the surveys listed for each of your courses
· Once you have submitted either a Faculty or Course survey, you should see COMPLETED next to the survey, TA surveys will not display COMPLETED after they have been submitted, this allows for students to complete surveys for each TA in a course
· Students have the right to decline a survey, if you wish to do so click on the DECLINE SURVEY link at the top right of the survey
· When completing a survey please provide any comments that you feel should be known about any of the ranking questions in the small comment box directly below each ranking question
· If you do not see one of your courses listed in your survey section and you would like to complete a survey for it, please pick up a paper copy of the survey at the CS main office (EPS 357), fill it out and return it back to the main office
· If you would rather complete a paper version of a survey please pick one up at the CS main office (EPS 357), fill it out and return it back to the main office
· When completing a TA survey be sure to pick your TA from the drop down list, if you have more than one TA for a course, please complete a TA survey for all of your TA's
Questions and Comments:
· If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the surveys or the Online Survey System, please click on the CONTACT ADMIN link at the top of the page. Be sure to provide your email address in the form if you want a reply

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