What does MSU provide in the way of email services for students?

On May 18, 2016 UIT will begin provisioning all new students Office 365 email accounts and Office ProPlus productivity suite (Office 2016).

  • Students will receive their new email addresses (firstname.lastname#@student.montana.edu) during orientation.
  • Google Apps email accounts will no longer be provisioned for new students.
  • A "Welcome" email from UIT with information and instructions will await students in their new mailbox.
  • UIT will provide a portal for current students to request an Office 365 email address if they choose.

What does the Gianforte School of Computing provide in the way of email services for students?

The Gianforte School of Computing has historically had an @cs.montana.edu email system that was available to everyone who had an account on the main server (esus.cs.montana.edu).  In the Fall of 2015 there was a great MSU email consolidation effort to eliminate the 30+ mail servers on campus and collapse them down into one: Office 365-based email.  See above for information about MSU provided email services for students.

Technically the main server is still an email system but it no longer answers for @cs.montana.edu email addresses.  esus still technically answers for @esus.cs.montana.edu addresses but use of that is discouraged... and it may or may not be accessible from off campus.

What about CS Department Faculty and Staff @cs.montana.edu email accounts?

Because faculty and staff have had @cs.montana.edu email addresses for years, they are well known and published in papers, business cards, and advertisements... on Dec. 17th, 2015 those were migrated to the Office 365 system and are considered a "legacy" address.  All further / future communications should refer to the @montana.edu email address.

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