I am a new person what should I do first?

University-provided global accounts: The University Information Technology (UIT) on campus is responsible for creating the three global accounts for students.  If you have a CATCARD and have already registered for classes you should have the following two accounts: 1) MyInfo, and 2) NetID.  If you know either you should be able to set the other at the following website: http://password.montana.edu/.  An alternative is to visit the UIT Helpdesk in the MSU Renne Library.  You may also call them at (406)994-1777 or if using a campus phone, ext 1777.

CS Computer Labs: The primary undergraduate labs are BH 254 and BH 259.  The graduate lab is BH 348.  All of the computers in the labs are "dual boot" and have both Microsoft Windows and Fedora Linux available on them.

Windows and Linux Authentication: As stated above, the UIT creates and manages student MSU Domain Accounts.  To access the Windows or Linux sides of the CS lab machines login with your MSU domain account.  With Windows 10 you may need to select "Other User".

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