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We are a student organization here at MSU dedicated to helping prepare computer science students to enter the workforce and as they study computer science at MSU. We meet regularly to plan new events, recruit new people, and reach out to local businesses for tours and advice.

Our Mission

The mission of ACM at MSU is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students in the computer science department to for their careers. We strive to increase the number of tools you have so you feel more comfortable completing a task in the real world. ACM is whatever you make it, so get involved, be vocal, and enjoy it along the way!

Calendar of Upcoming Events

2018 Spring Break Road Trip!

Spring Break

Last year's ACM Spring Break Road Trip took computer science students to visit major tech companies across the Portland, Oregon area. The itinerary involved visits to Intel, Nike, the Pittock Mansion, OpenSesame, Salesforce, and The Touring Techs at eBay. Check out our past trips HERE!

Recommended Articles

Computer Science Student Devlopment Tools

Development Environment

There are countless tools available to developers today and part of the learning process is to find the ones that make you efficient at your job as well as give you features that you need. Jetbrains is the creator of many programs for coding including the popular around campus, Intellijay Idea, and PyCharm. There are special offers for students at the link below. Other Integrated Development Environments (IDE's) that are popular around campus are Eclipse and Netbeans.

Text Editors

If you are looking for a terminal based text editor such as Vi(m) or something with a full graphical user interface, here are a few that are popular around campus.


GitHub is very widley used in the computer software industry and will provide versioning and colaboration, tools for indviduals and corportations alike. There is a student developer pack that students can take advantage of to further their knowledge!

Virtual Machines

Would you like to have multiple operating systems on your computer? VMware and Virtual Box offer students software for free to make running Virtual Machines on their computer simple and easy. Learn to program on multiple operating systems! Popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Red Hat are free to download and work great as virtual machines!

Microsoft Software

Microsoft offers students a vast array of software for educational purposes including operating systems! Check out the Microsoft Imagine Store below.

ACM Officers

  • President: Anthony Nardiello
  • Vice President: Connor Morrison
  • Treasurer: Blake Stanger
  • Communication Director: Norhan Abbas
  • Webmaster: Vacant
  • Webmaster Apprentice: Teyler Halama
  • AWC Liaison: Connie Bernard
  • Technical Chair: Wesley Smith
  • Social Chair: Brandon O'Brien
  • Social Media Guru: Jessica Jorgenson
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Paxton