We are a student organization at MSU dedicated to helping prepare computer science students to enter the workforce and as they study computer science at MSU. We meet regularly to plan new events, recruit new people, and reach out to local businesses for tours and advice.

Our mission: to prepare undergraduate and graduate students in the computer science department to for their careers. We strive to increase the number of tools you have so you feel more comfortable completing a task in the real world. ACM is whatever you make it, so get involved, be vocal, and enjoy it along the way!

Three women in front of a whiteboard with code on it
Smiling group of men and women

We welcome everyone to our club without regard to race, color, sex, mental and physical ability, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, or socioeconomic status. Come code with us!

Upcoming Events

We meet every other Thursday from 5pm to 6pm. For the forseable future we will be using WebEx to meet. Please check the calendar below for the WebEx link. On off weeks be sure to check out our sister club: AWC!

Our Officers

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Dr. John Paxton

Facutly Advisor

Profile of woman

Connie Bernard


profile of man

Chase Boyd

Vice President

profile of woman

Caden Senitte


Profile of man.

Kristoff Finley

Communications Director & Social Chair

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Sage Acteson

Technical Chair

Profile of woman

Issa Rabideaux

Social Media Coordinator

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Payton Harrison

AWC Liason

Intersted in joining our executive board? We hold elections every October! Learn more about our executive positions.