Advisor Questions

  • How do I get my registration code?  First, prepare a DegreeWorks plan with the courses you plan to take.  The name of the plan should be the semester you are registering for, e.g. Spring 2024.  Once you meet with your advisor to discuss your course selection and complete your plan, he or she will lock the plan and provide you with your registration code in a DegreeWorks note.
  • Who is my advisor?  That information is listed in DegreeWorks. If no advisor is listed or the advisor is not someone from the School of Computing, please go to the Computer Science Office in Barnard Hall 357.
  • Can I change my advisor?  Yes. Go to the CS office and fill out a change of advisor form.
  • What advice do you have for first year students? Get to know your advisor and let your advisor get to know you.  Decide whether you are more likely to pursue the B.S. interdisciplinary option, the B.S. professional option or the B.A..  Make a resume.  Visit the Career Fair.
  • What advice do you have for sophomores? Make a complete graduate plan in DegreeWorks.  Have your advisor check your plan.  Talk to your advisor about your future career plans (work, graduate school, etc.).
  • What advice do you have for juniors? Seek out work experiences and internships that are related to computing.
  • What advice do you have for seniors? File for graduation one full semester before you will finish (see the Graduation Section below for more information).  Talk to your advisor about your job offers and/or graduate school offers.  Enjoy your final year in college!

Course Questions

  • Where can I find information regarding a specific CS, CSCI or ESOF course?  Visit the MSU Course Catalog on the web.

Degree Questions

What are the requirements to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science?  You can pursue either the professional option or the interdisciplinary option.  More information.

  • Where can I find complete information regarding the university core requirements?  At the Core 2.0 website.
  • Should I consider graduate school?  This website provides information about Computer Science research opportunities and graduate school.

Graduation Questions

  • When do I apply for graduation?  During the first month of the semester before you plan to graduate.
  • How do I apply for graduation?  Create a Graduation Plan in DegreeWorks and then follow these steps.

Transfer Questions

  • How do I transfer classes to MSU?  First, the registrar's office will evaluate your courses with respect to the the university core. Second, meet with a computer science advisor (typically Hunter Lloyd) with your evaluated transcript. Your advisor will determine how computer science classes that transferred in as electives apply to the CS program at MSU-Bozeman. (Note: we can only evaluate computer science courses for transfer credit. All university core courses, etc. must be evaluated by the registrar.)

Second Degree Questions

  • How long will it take to get a second degree in Computer Science?  Typically, it takes 3 years. This is also the length of time it typically takes to acquire a master's in CS if you have a degree in some other discipline (yes, it is possible to earn an M.S. in computer science without having a B.S. degree in computer science if you have a degree in another discipline and you meet the other entrance requirements for the graduate program - see the M.S. degree on this web site). So, you should choose carefully which option is best for you.