The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science is a four year degree intended for students who want to prepare for careers that involve computing and computers. Students can pursue either the professional option or the interdisciplinary option.

It helps when learning the requirements for the BS degree in computer science to understand the structure of the University. A University is comprised of a number of Colleges which focus on general subject areas. MSU has Colleges of Agriculture, Arts and Architecture, Business, Education, Health and Human Development, Engineering, Letters and Science, Nursing and Honor's. Colleges are generally made up of Departments that handle a specific discipline related to the mission of the College of which they are a part. The Gianforte School of Computing is housed in the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering. In order to earn a degree in Computer Science, then, students must satisfy the three entities of the University of which the Gianforte School of Computing is a part. Therefore, students earning a BS degree in Computer Science must meet the requirements of

  • the Gianforte School of Computing
  • the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering
  • the University

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