Award for Excellence

Computer science senior Amanda Guilland was recognized as one of 40 outstanding seniors during the Founders Day Awards Ceremony.  Recipients excel academically, demonstrate leadership and engage in service.  Amanda chose Dr. Mary Ann Cummings as her inspirational mentor.   MSU News Article. [February 2024]

oSTEM Advisor Award

Dr. John Paxton received a national advisor award at the 2023 oSTEM conference in Anaheim in November.  MSU Article. [February 2024]

Provost's Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Clemente Izurieta delivered the Provost's Distinguished Lecture on Tuesday, September 12th.  The title of the talk is "Emerging Frontiers of Battle".  More information. [September 2023]

Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ann Marie Reinhold, who received a Best Woman Paper Award for "A New Version, New Answer: Investigating Cybersecurity Static-Analysis Tool Findings" at the IEEE Cyber Security & Resilience 2023 Conference.  Co-authors are Travis Weber (2022 REU student), Colleen Lemak (2022 REU student), Dr. Derek Reimanis and Dr. Clemente Izurieta.  [August 2023]

Prostate Cancer Project

Dr. Brittany Fasy and Dr. John Sheppard are featured in this MSU news article that discusses how Topological Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence are used to help doctors better diagnose and treat prostate cancer.  [June 2023]

Bioinformatics Grant

Dr. Brendan Mumey and Dr. Lucy Williams were awarded a three-year $551K NSF grant entitled “Scaling Flow Decomposition to Multi‐Sample Multiassembly and Comparison”. The main goals of the project are to develop better ways to assemble and quantify DNA and RNA sequences with guarantees on computational efficiency and solution quality.  Congratulations! [June 2023]

International Graduate Excellence in Research Award

Congratulations to PhD student Giorgio Morales who received the Chunzi "Chris" Zhang Award for International Graduate Excellence in Research at MSU’s 100th Day of Student Recognition on May 5. The award recognizes an international graduate student whose research at MSU has furthered knowledge in their field and shown outstanding commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. Giorgio was nominated by Dr. John Sheppard based on his research developing new machine learning methods for crop quality prediction in precision agriculture. [May 2023]

2023 Gianforte School of Computing Student Awards

  • Outstanding Ph.D. Researcher: Amy Peerlinck
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Researcher, Honorable Mention: Apostolos Kalatzis
  • Outstanding M.S. Researcher: Jordan Dood
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher: Emry Krems
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Chris Corona
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Course Assistant: Ben Heinze
  • Student Selected Professor of the Year: Carson Gross

Biomedical Research Grant

Congratulation to Dr. Laura Stanley, who is a project co-leader on a $429K Murdoch Trust grant to expand biomedical research capabilities at MSU.  Dr. Stanley will spearhead efforts that capitalize on the potential for computer science to facilitate remote health applications, new digital health technologies and other health care improvements.  MSU News Item.  [April 2023]

REU Grant

Congratulations to professors Sean Yaw, Brendan Mumey and Binhai Zhu, who were awarded a three year $324K National Science Foundation REU site entitled Algorithms and Optimization for Sustainability and Biology. The 10 week summer program will expose undergraduate students to collaborative algorithm development and problem solving with specific topics in computational biology, geometry and optimization for applications of carbon capture technology.  More information. [March 2023]

Phi Kappa Phi Anna K. Fridley Award for Distinguished Teaching

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ann Cummings, who received the 2023 Phi Kappa Phi Anna K. Fridley Award for Distinguished Teaching!  MSU News Article.  [January 2023].

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