Gianforte School of Computing, 2023-2024

  • ACM Advisor: John Paxton
  • Assessment: Hunter Lloyd, Brendan Mumey, John Paxton, Binhai Zhu
  • Awards: Hunter Lloyd, Brendan Mumey, John Paxton, Laura Stanley
  • AWC Advisor: Mary Ann Cummings
  • Broadening Participation in Computing: John Paxton, Brittany Fasy, Laura Stanley, Keri Hallau
  • Certification Officer: Hunter Lloyd
  • Faculty Search: Brendan Mumey (chair), John Sheppard, Mary Ann Cummings, Adiesha Liyana Ralalage (student), Ana Gaskill (admin)
  • Graduate Admissions Committee: Brittany Fasy (M.S. Studies Director), Sean Yaw (Orientation Director), (Binhai Zhu (Ph.D. Studies Director)
  • Internship Oversight: Hunter Lloyd
  • Retention, Promotion and Tenure AY 2023-24: Brittany Fasy (elected for AY 2024, 2025, 2026), Clem Izurieta (appointed for AY 2024), Binhai Zhu (elected for AY 2024, 2025, 2026)
  • Retention, Promotion and Tenure AY 2024-25: Clem Izurieta (appointed to replace Brittany who is on sabbatical), Brendan Mumey (appointed), Binhai Zhu (elected through AY 2026)
  • Scholarships: Mary Ann Cummings, John Paxton, Laura Stanley
  • Seminar Oversight: Ann Marie Reinhold
  • Transfer Student Advisor: Hunter Lloyd (year round), Mary Ann Cummings (summer support)
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Advisors: Mary Ann Cummings, Brittany Fasy

Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering, 2023-2024

  • Awards Committee: Binhai Zhu
  • Curriculum Development and Accreditation: John Sheppard
  • Distinguished Professor Selection Committee: Brittany Fasy
  • Graduate Programs: John Sheppard
  • International Engineering Certificate Advisor: John Paxton
  • Research Council: John Sheppard
  • Retention, Promotion and Tenure: Brendan Mumey

Montana State University, 2023-2024

  • Applied Research Laboratory Policy Advisory Group: John Sheppard, Clem Izurieta
  • Faculty Senate: Clem Izurieta, TBD (Alternate)
  • High Performance Computing Advisory: John Sheppard
  • Institute on Ecosystems Faculty Advisory: Clem Izurieta
  • Lutheran Campus Ministry Advisor: John Sheppard
  • Master of Science in Data Science Steering Committee: Neda Nazemi
  • oSTEM at Montana State Advisor: John Paxton

Our faculty also lead many research groups at the department and university level.  More information.