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Exploring the Webworks Projects

To explore the current projects of the Webworks Laboratory, just click on the buttons above.  These buttons lead to descriptions of current and former projects under the Webworks umbrella.  If you have visited the Webworks site before and just want to forego the longwinded descriptions, the items under Quicklinks below take you directly to the animations and other products of the projects.  Enjoy!



Last Updated

Biofilms July 20, 2000
Biofilm Active Learning Models September 23, 2003
Context Free Grammars March 6, 2003
CS for Women May 1, 1999
Distance Learning July 15, 1999
Dynalab for Windows October 4, 2001
Finite State Automata July 1, 2000
Fugacity Model July 8, 2002
New Finite State Automaton September 14, 2000
LL(1) Parsing January 1, 2001
Pedagogy July 15, 1999
Program Animation March 1, 1999
Snapshots of the Theory of Computing:  Presented at SIGCSE 2001 March 22. 2001
Snapshots of the Theory of Computing:  for the software visualization seminar at Schloss Dagstuhl May 14, 2001
Snapshots of the Theory of Computing: Presented SIGCSE 2002 March 2, 2002
Snapshots of the Theory of Computing
Ongoing Work
July 26, 2001
Biofilms 2003
Ongoing Work on a hypertextbook on biofilms
October 14, 2003